About Madelyn Rhodes

Founder & Owner


Madelyn Rhodes is the CEO and owner of Sanman Community Advocacy Firm LLC in Las Vegas Nevada. Madelyn was born in Memphis Tennessee on May 16, 1984. She is the youngest siblings of four children born to Phillip and Madelyn Thompson. Madelyn has resided in Las Vegas Nevada with her five children since 2013 and in 2018, Madelyn became a Marble Manor resident. By the suggestion of her neighbors, Madelyn took interest in being an effective change for the community she lives in. Shortly thereafter , in 2019 she was appointed as President of Marble Manor Council, now better known as the “Historic Westside Marble Manor Resident Council”. Marble Manor is the last largest family site with Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority with 235 units and roughly 700 residents.

Madelyn is a Co- author with her daughter, Kayle Rhodes, of an up and coming children’s book, “Ella Searches For Apples”. Madelyn serves as the program coordinator of a family business & pilot program, “BYOPC : Build Your Own PC” with her son Michael as Lead Junior IT, and has recently become the Historic Westside Neighborhood Association President in October 2022.

Community and volunteerism has always been a part of Madelyn’s upbringing, so when she relocated to the Westside and came to know family history, seeing the lack of resources, and how it affects her children and community, her passion for the wellness of the community sparked a desire to do and provide more. During her work with the Housing Authority, community activism & rehabilitation and protection of stakeholders properties with A Solution Group Community Development Corporation, seeing the gentrification, the predatory codes and practices that were put on our elders, education and financial disparities of our youth, and community as a whole, there was a clear understanding that she was seeing a need that needed to be met and since then, she has been full force on advocating for small businesses, youth, elders, Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority residents, stakeholders, and single parents alike, and even pets to be able to live, not just survive.

To be better equip her in her field of work, Madelyn is in the process of obtaining her certificate with USIDHR, ( US Institute of Diplomacy & Human Rights) as a Human Rights Consultant and Instructor.